What do British expats have to say about our mince pies?

"One is never enough. I have to hide these morsels from my English husband or he will eat them all in one sitting. Best mince pies I have tasted this side of the pond."

Margaret - Minneapolis, MN (originally Brighton, England)

"The most delicious mince pies. As a Brit, I've enjoyed quite a few mince pies from Fortnum & Mason and Harrods but then Tracie introduced me to hers—Nana Tay Tay's. They're delicious, the filling is sweet with just the right boozy kick, and the pastry just melts in your mouth."

Keily Tomlin - Harlow, England

"These pies are better than my English grandma used to make. Nana T's definitely takes the time to marinate their mince. I order them for my family every year."

Cindy - Charlotte, NC (originally Manchester, England)

"When I eat a mince pie from Nana Tay Tay’s, it immediately brings me back to my nan's kitchen during the holidays."

Jessica - Nashville, TN (originally Perth, Scotland)