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Satisfy every carnivore’s heart and transport British expats home. From our handmade, traditional Cornish pasties, all made in Minnesota USA, to premium deep-fill pies and hot eats to grab and go, we have a range of pasties, pies, and savory pies to meet your specific needs. Please take a look at the full range of products we offer for the busy pub owner

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What do people say about our British pub food?

The most delicious mince pies. As a Brit, I've enjoyed quite a few mince pies from Fortnum & Mason and Harrods but then Tracie introduced me to hers—Nana Tay Tay's. They are delicious, the filling is sweet with just the right boozy kick, and the pastry just melts in your mouth.

Keily Tomlin - Harlow, England

I want to order these on repeat, where is the subscription button? The meat pies are a life saver on nights I don't want to cook.

Tom - Chicago, IL

We have been serving the hand pies and sausage rolls in our Taproom for the past 6 months. Customers are raving and keep coming back for a Pie and a Pint promotion.

George - Austin, TX

I have been sending care packages to my daughter in college for the last year. Knowing that she is getting homestyle meals makes me a very happy mama.

Theresa - South Dakota